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Can You Escape The City?

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‘Think Temple Run meets Wipeout’ – PocketLint

The Jump: Escape The City challenges you to survive a high-speed chase to the edge of Monopolis, a dark futuristic city where fun is outlawed and your party just got busted.

Take control of a high-powered hover car, headed for city limits on a hunch. World Corp’s mob is in hot pursuit but some people say your one shot at freedom is just 5 minutes away…

Test your reflexes as you tap and swipe your way along a futuristic wasteland highway at breakneck speed. Collect power cells for your epic escape as you avoid a host of deadly obstacles.

The Ultimate Mobile Action Challenge

The Jump is free-to-play and action-packed. Rich 3D graphics and mind blowing speed push mobile gaming to the limit. Choose your character, choose a track by DJ Poet and hit the road!

An escape can be completed in less than 5 minutes, but no two games are the same and there’s more to The Jump than meets the eye.

Not just another endless runner! The Jump features a climatic finish but getting there won’t be easy…

Surging Soundtrack From DJ Poet

Bring the party on the road with 3 killer tracks from DJ Poet, Grammy Award-winning Super Producer and Superstar DJ. Choose your favourite tune from Poet’s hit singles:

  • Skeleton
  • Rapture
  • Digital

4.3 stars on Google Play

The JumpGoogle Play4.3


4.5 stars on App Store

The JumpApp Store4.5

Simple Controls & Bite Size Gameplay

Tap/swipe responsive controls suitable for all players

Join The Resistance

Unleash The Power

Earn coins every game you play and super-charge each escape with a selection of gamechanging powerups:

  • Invincibility – fly over gaps and race through obstacles
  • Magnet – suck in surrounding power cells, you’re gonna need them
  • Resurrection – get another shot a freedom if you die
  • Power Boost – start a run with power cells in the tank!
  • Shield – get protection from the mob

A Game Within A Game

There’s much more to The Jump to keep you coming back for more:

  • Intelligent transparent scoring system – get high scores based on speed, driving style, combos and more…
  • Take on the best – can you top the national and world leaderboards?
  • Unlock achievements badges for completing crazy in-game challenges – can you collect them all?
  • Share your great escapes with friends and foes on Facebook and Twitter
  • Reveal the secrets of The Jump with our Go Pro pack featuring tips, tricks, comic story, artwork, hidden content and more…



Tap left/right – change lanes (we recommend you use both thumbs!)
Swipe up – jump (you can change lane mid-air!)
Swipe down – enter slow motion mode to activate manual powerups

(Pro Tip –  Tap + hold left/right - change multiple lanes)


Select powerups at the start of each game to add special abilities. Powerups are either manual or automatic…

Invincibility: activate powerup during game for temporary invincibility (single use)
Magnet: activate to temporarily attract power cells (single use)

Resurrection: respawn once automatically after death
Power boost: start with 20 power cells in the tank, less to collect for the jump!
Shield: get protection from the mob when driving slowly (single use)

Use coins to buy powerups. You get 15,000 coins to start, and earn free coins every game you play based on your score. You can also buy coins and permanent powerups in the store.


Scores reward distance travelled, speed, power cells collected and near misses.
Chain combos of speed pads or power cells to get higher scores. drive closer to obstacles before changing lane to near miss.
Reach the end of the road and make your escape for a special bonus.
Tap on stats in the main menu to see detailed scoring statistics and leaderboards.




Designed and produced in Dublin, Ireland by Gone Gaming



Developed in Gothenburg, Sweden by Raven AB



Leaderboards powered by Scoreoid